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Psychodrama values the spontaneity and creativity of people: indeed the psychodramatist's idea of mental health is the ability to be maximally and appropriately spontaneous and creative in any given situation. Psychodrama therefore is a method that specifically aims to promote spontaneity and creativity. Such spontaneity may be cathartic, enabling the expression of strong feelings. Psychodramatists also believe spontaneity can be developed and so use role training to enable people to learn and practice more appropriate and effective behaviours. Psychodrama is hopeful, holistic and humanist.

It could be argued that the definition of dramatherapy includes psychodrama, an action method created by Moreno in the 1920s-40s and now recognised internationally as a form of psychotherapy. Moreno defined psychodrama as:

“the science which explores the ‘truth’ by dramatic methods. It deals with interpersonal relations and private worlds.” (Moreno, 1993, 53)


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