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The Communicube is a transparent, open, five level container. Light reflects off the shelves, which are printed with a grid of twenty-five squares. This grid floats within the structure like a chessboard. When objects such as buttons, stones or other small objects are placed in the grid they may be reflected by the other shelves, the images on one level faintly mirrored in another; colours glitter; shadows fall through the structure; a floating world holds within it the tension of opposite polarities and related objects, whether close or distant, echoing our larger cosmos. Viewed from above the whole is instantly visible: a mandala containing disparate elements yet integrated in one world.

The structure is a creative tool of great potential in assessment, therapy, team, organisational and educational work: flexible and empowering it provides a containing structure and sufficient distance from material, enabling people to think, observe, share perceptions of self, other and their world. When used in therapy it is called the Five Story Self Structure. This combines the simplicity of button sculpting with storymaking and a method of mapping intrapsychic elements and interpersonal relationships in miniature, enhancing the observer ego, promoting insight and integration. It can be used with people to explore aspects of self (such as sexuality, spirituality, personal power), their relationships with others, the dynamics of organisations and teams. It can help to clarify the inter-connections between different levels of experience; to make sense of complexity; and to enable meaning to emerge from chaos.

The structure is in effect a miniature theatre in which the dramas of the self, significant others and the world can be shown and the client be both creator, director and observing audience.

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The Large Communicube
Photo By Paul Melia

Small Communicube

The Small Communicube
Photo By Paul Melia

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Photo By Paul Melia

The Communiwell is a circular version which, instead of the grid of squares, has three concentric circles. Some people prefer this version: it offers clients and therapists a choice and has some specific, useful aspects such as providing a template for exploring the social, role and cultural atoms of Moreno.

The structures are used in the game Quintessence. This is a co-operative game of free association inspired by Herman Hesse's Glass Bead Game. The rules for the game are provided in the users' manual, which comes with the structures. This game, which explores the stories, memories and associations of the players, can be used in therapy or for fun.

A still from the Communicube Film

We have made a training film (available on DVD or video) so that you may learn the methods of working with the structures and see these in action. Here is a trailer:

Watch the full film here:

The arrangements of buttons and objects can be recorded by the therapist so they can be available for future sessions on a proforma. To download these please click on the links below, at the foot of this page:

  Communicube proforma download proforma >>   Communiwell proforma download proforma >>  
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