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Dr. John Casson is available to run ONE DAY WORKSHOPS on THE COMMUNICUBE

The Communicube is a creative tool of great potential in assessment, therapy, organisations, education and play: flexible and empowering it provides a containing structure and sufficient distance from complex and difficult material, enabling people to think, observe, share perceptions of self, other and their world. It combines the simplicity of button sculpting with story making and a method of mapping intrapsychic elements and interpersonal relationships in miniature, enhancing the observer ego, promoting insight and integration. It can be used with people to explore aspects of self (such as sexuality, spirituality, personal power), their relationships with others, the dynamics of groups and teams. It can help clarify the inter-connections between different levels of experience. It was invented during doctoral research into therapeutic work with people who hear voices but has wider applications. Participants in the workshop will:

  • Learn to use the method
  • Reflect on theory and practice
  • Explore the potential of the method

The day will be experiential, practical and theoretical. The morning will be focussed on individual work, the afternoon on group work using the method.

Structures can be purchased but for this training workshop all equipment is provided.

Contact John
tel:01204 706531

John was in practice as a therapist for 30 years. He has now retired. His book "Drama, Psychotherapy and Psychosis: Dramatherapy and Psychodrama with People Who Hear Voices" is published by Routledge. For further information see his website:

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